Back on the road to cross the Mississippi and reach a new state ! It was a regular ride all in all.


Al’s place was really great and it was hard leaving it. I left the DVDs there for the next riders coming in. It was the first time I cooked meals, except for these French toasts in Newton ! That built a feeling of being at home, which certainly dampened the loss of my home at the same time. Anyway, I had to leave early if I was to leave at all. On Sunday morning the city of Farmington was deserted.


Once again the TransAm trail takes secondary roads to explore the countryside. Eastern Missouri still has a lot of cornfields, but also some wines and a few breweries. Still a few rolling hills going east, and an ever going expectation that the downhill is just around the corner. But as uphills as short, so are downhills, and even faster to get through.


But finally, the last hill have way to the flat valley around the Mississippi. The river itself was on the other side of the valley, in the distance. So it’s only on the bridge to Chester that I actually got to see it. Largest river so far, but certainly more impressive downstream. It’s strange there is no word above river in English, it’s seems like a trickle named like this.



The city of Chester is home to the inventor of Popeye, so you got to see the guy all around ! At first I wondered why there was a statue of him right after the bridge. And even before the sign for Illinois ! Seventh state on the road, although just the southern tip, just like Nevada. I’ll be in Kentucky before I know it.

I may be closer to home than I thought !


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