Day of rest in Farmington. I’ve had Al’s place to myself, watching movies, eating spaghettis, planning the rest of the trip. Oh and yesterday my apartment’s sale was completed.


So, another post about home. While I was arriving here in Farmington, the sale was finalized and all papers were signed near Paris. I didn’t need to be there in person – or the whole US trip would have been more complex to set up ! It was bought about three years ago. Now I’m back to being a non-owner.


This event didn’t come as a shock though. Much much less than actually leaving the place before flying to the US. That was tough. Even if it came after two months of emptying it, cleaning it and setting up everything, leaving for the last time was hard. But yesterday, when the signing was done, or today, pondering about it, I didn’t feel a sense of loss. I would have expected more effect, as I’m back to a few boxes in a storage place, and a bike. And owning a place is a big step in life, a big involvement, just like getting married and having a baby, according to the realtor. That’s salesman philosophy 🙂


Still, that’s an important rope to hang to that’s gone. And I was thinking about it yesterday, making my way to the walmart, the closest store, only a couple miles from downtown. US homes are quite unique. No fence of any kind, the British-styled lawn, complete with rabbits and squirrels, and usually no sidewalk. That’s a real departure from French homes, which are the exact opposite. They have more space here for sure, but these homes seem more comfortable, more inviting.


I’ve been thinking about buying a new home when I get back, but that was before starting the trip 🙂 I didn’t think much about it since. And more recently, I’m trying to pinpoint why I’m doing this whole trip. I have a vague idea that I need to clear up.


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