One of the smallest towns on the trail (less than 200 people), a quick stop before reaching Farmington. Still in the dense forests of the Ozarks.


So, today was indeed really slow. Lots of mean slopes, but on another short trip, just like yesterday, it doesn’t really matter. The road is going up and down through the forest, with sometimes a respite when it hits a small plateau. Then it’s another series of ups and down.


Fortunately the road up to Elington, two thirds of the way, was in a perfect condition. It helps to go down at an unreasonable speed, or to push up all of my crap while sweating like a dog 🙂 And the weather is still great for biking : average temperatures, slightly overcast… And no wind !


Another formidable help on the way is still the American drivers. If they come up behind me on a slope up, and they can’t safely pass by because they can’t see what’s coming up, they wait behind me, until the slope is cleared or I move out on the (sadly) unpaved shoulder. Impressive behavior ! In France they would come to inches behind me, honk and swear, and then pass with a huge and indignified acceleration. All of that because they would have lost a couple minutes.


In Centerville (okay they’re really nice drivers but also suck at naming places), I stopped at the only lodging around : the Butterfly Inn. A former family house reconverted into a kinda bed and breakfast. The owner took me on a tour of the area on the sort of mix between a golf car and mini jeep that many people in the region seem to have : less hassle than getting the car out, and still four wheel drive !


3 thoughts on “Centerville

  1. Dear Fabrice,
    Good to see you traveling with a bit of pleasure in the MO Ozarks. Some beauty in your photos, some bad drug culture around you, plus lots of obesity and diabetes. Not the most educated part of our large and varied country.

    Check out a good novel and a great movie, Winter’s Bone. Set S of Springfield, where you recently were. Young actress, very convincing. She had a problem. Her dad was an addict on meth-amphetamines, very addictive and nasty. She had to care for a younger sister…

    Here is a link to photos of that fantastic, stupid, all-across-Iowa bike party RAGBRAI.

    Other photos should be easy to find. It runs from this Sunday to Saturday, a week from tomorrow.

    Too bad you probably will not have enough time or money to stop and take a rental car up there to spend a few days in that huge All-American event, before returning to your journey.

    But I think you should consider returning to the USA and doing it some year. I may do it next year with my brother and with 2 of our 1st cousins, even though I am way too old. Even you are a bit above the average age of those mostly midwestern party semi-athletes.
    Regards, Phil


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