I went very slow today – not that slow actually, but I didn’t care about average speed at any rate. That was to go a short way to the small town of Eminence.


It’s a more and more natural environment now. The forest is getting really dense, and the slopes more aggressive. This is the heart of the Ozark mountains now, including natural parks around the rivers.


That’s also why I wanted to do a shorter ride. 40 miles / 65 kms is short enough not to be frightening at the start of the day. I can be sure I will be done by noon, even with walking up slopes. Plus my legs were still sore from the two previous days. I need to go slow before I take a rest.


It was really good to ride without worrying, reaching the usual milestones quickly (quarter distance, third, half… Yes I’m still calculating a lot). Still dog alerts, but most don’t move from their porch.


I also derailed only once today, compared to three times yesterday. First bike shop on the way is due for yet another complete checkup. And my bike is not even three months old, fresh out of the factory.


One thought on “Eminence

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Fabrice, be sure that the chain line is checked, especially if it falls to the inside of the rings. A friend had the problem solved by straightening the rings, which were warped.


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