Once again, not the one you know 🙂 Houston-we-have-a-problem is in Texas. In the US many different places have the same name as some other place here or in Europe, or maybe even elsewhere. Anyway, I reached Houston after a long ride.


That was 66 miles / 106 kms from Marshfield, with no real other solution on the way. For the rest of Missouri I’ll do shorter rides, I’m accumulating fatigue again a bit too fast.


I’m still in a French countryside lookalike ! Hills, farmlands, cattle… Even some of the grass grown here comes from France, as a farmer told me. The climate around is very similar, except for humidity probably. But today that wasn’t an issue. I’m very lucky as there is a week of lower than usual temperature around. Same as for Nevada. I also have to see a day of rain. Fingers crossed.


The road to Houston was a little bit flatter today. According to Rick, a cyclist doing the TransAm one month per year at a time, the hardest part is right up ahead. Zhang from the Chinese team seems to confirm 🙂 Well I’ll do all that much slower.


I still have that tense period when I start the day. There’s this little voice telling me I won’t be able to make it, 60 miles is too much, I’ll fall from exhaustion, freak out in the middle of nowhere… Even after 5000 kms it’s still there bugging me. For sure I don’t want to end a ride in the evening, but my brain can’t get around the fact that riding 5 hours at 12mi/19kms/h makes me reach my destination at some point. I’m still looking for immediacy, speed, just like we are used to everyday, especially on the web. Needing time to go somewhere doesn’t compute.


Still, I’m moving forward. Half of Missouri done now, Illinois in four or five days, depending on where I take the next day of rest. That might depend a lot on the tv channels selection ! 🙂 It’s really terrible around here : tele-shopping, prayers, old series, weather forecast… When I’m really lucky I get Adventure Time. I’ll watch all seasons when I get back, this show is totally surreal and awesome. I’m even starting to get used to 10 minutes commercial breaks every 10 minutes. You can get used to anything anyway, except for boredom. That’s why Hell is actually a grey empty place. A big Lake of the “please wait” loading circle, forever.


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