Today was the first step in Missouri. I took a detour from the TransAmerica though, in order to remain within civilization, just like in Arizona. It’s a minuscule city though.


The ride was simple enough, but I wondered if I would be able to do it : I had a sleepless night. I expected it, after the shock I described yesterday. I went to bed but never got to sleep. Since college years I know it’s useless to get angry over it. Sleeping pills didn’t help, I guess they are close to a placebo, strictly no effect.


So anyway, I got up at sunrise and left early. It was a good idea as the temperature went up very fast. No wind, which is good, however that meant any time stopping makes you feel the heat – and I reached my objective before noon ! That’s also due to the humidity level around here, which increases the feeling of heat.



The road up to here was simple enough, a few slopes and that was about it. Not yet in the Ozark moutains 🙂 It should start tomorrow. More and more corn fields around here, not up to the horizon though. Maybe also because most of them seem to be test fields of some sort. I stopped at Golden City to get a taste of the pie shop that had been acclaimed by a rider met in Utah. The pie was good, and much better than the service !


Greenfield itself has only one crappy motel, one gas station, and one Subway. Barely enough for survival ! 🙂 But better than staying in a tent with above 33C/90F. And I was lucky to be able to watch the World Cup final without espn or any cable tv !


Today was Sunday, all Americans around here had their cars parked around churches !


2 thoughts on “Greenfield

  1. Gary Mc

    You’re making good progress Fabrice, can hardly believe when I look at your trail map. Incredible strong mind ( not to mention muscles ) keep going !! Appreciate the great blog & pics, makes a nice daily escape from a working desk.



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