It’s not the one in Pennsylvania 🙂 This one is just a few miles from Missouri. It’s the largest city on the trail so that’s where I’ll do a stayover after going through the whole of Kansas.


All in all, Kansas took less than ten days. This was clearly the easiest state so far, apart from a few days of headwind. I enjoyed going through it. It’s exceptionally far horizons in the west mixed with smaller fields in the east. The roads are in really good state overall, and people are friendly. Towns are far from each other though, so each day has to be relatively long.


The trail today was much easier than yesterday. Speed is a good indicator for that : 13 mi/ 20 kms/h today, compared to 11 mi/ 17 kms/h yesterday. The difference doesn’t seem much, especially when driving a car, but on a bike, 3 more kms in one hour is the difference between a rough, slow day and an average one, and between an average one and a great, fast one. You do 6 miles or 10 kms in one less hour. One less hour riding is a really big change.


Today there was still a bit of wind, but mostly coming from south, and half of the road was west to east. Slopes were gentler, and two really nice stops split the day in three. So, even leaving at 9am, we were in Pittsburg right after 2pm. Not much to see along the way, apart from a turtle saved by Lili, and later a sign warning of an upcoming church – that should be generalized !


It was the last day riding with the Chinese team ! Going back to riding solo will be a shock, I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. It was also the end of another TransAm map ! And I forgot to add the Kansas flag up to now, so there it is ! And the back side of the main flag, now used and battered, torn apart by winds and sands.



2 thoughts on “Pittsburg

  1. Assume you meant to say the one in “Pennsylvania”. Philadelphia, like Pittsburgh, is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    I have been looking at your blog occasionally since before you started the journey. Quite a great story. Keep up the great work.


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