A logical stop after Newton 🙂 Today was a long ride, 75 miles / 125 kms. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, so I’m proud to have reached the end 🙂


I had an option to stop halfway through, at Cassoday. But the peer pressure helped going to the end, just like having a short pause and a quick lunch helped.


As the bike shop owner in Newton warned, the first half was only one straight road going east for 38 miles / 63 kms. Not exactly straight, but no turn before Cassoday. And not flat either, this part of Kansas is over. It’s rolling hills all the way. Easily going up and down, still, with no end in sight. This part was still looking furiously like French countryside.


After Cassoday, the road was a bit easier. The horizon expanded again and it felt more like Kansas. I thought maybe I would cheat a bit and have my trailer carried over in the vehicle, but I was feeling okay so I stayed true 🙂 Having a support vehicle waiting along at some stops is really great ! It feels a lot like “frigate has arrived” on the old game Dune 2 : a great relief during the effort. You look forward to it.


All along the way today was really grasshopper avenue. They were legion on the road, most of then crushed by cars. I was avoiding the live ones as much as possible, still, I killed at least twenty. They were basking in the sun, having sex, and for a large part of them apparently, eating the remains of their brethren. I have to check grasshopper biology, it was surprising. But anyway, staying on the road was shortening their lifespan a lot, so it was pretty dumb in any case. Surprisingly, there weren’t so many birds taking advantage of the feast.


Cassoday, Eureka, another couple of very small towns. The last two stops in Kansas are larger cities. I’ll make a healthy stayover before moving to Missouri. Apart from the wind early on I really like Kansas a lot more than expected (well I expected to hate the place so it was easy to do better). Plus now my butt has air conditioning ! I’ll have to find new shorts.



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