For once this is a famous name for a city 🙂 Nothing special about the city or the route, except it’s the first time in two months I rode with other people.


I left very late with the Chinese team, Zhang, Tao and Lili (Linda was the one driving today). The breakfast was served at 8 only, and as the ride today was relatively short (45mi/75kms), I chose to wait for it, and it was great 🙂 Fruit mix, local sausage (ostrich sausage ?), etc. Then they had a tour of the animal farm and a ride on a camel 🙂 We left at 10:30, usually the middle of the ride on a normal day. But the weather was good, average temp, not too much wind.


Ok the road from Nickerson to Newton had no interest. It was still a pleasant European type of small forests and fields, rolling hills, and backward roads. Not much to see or do though. A couple of small towns and that was it. Plus I was focused on speed.


Riding with other people, for the first time since Daryl and Greg in California, was a challenge 🙂 I felt a lot of pressure as I was going quite slower, with all my stuff to carry. But they were stopping from time to time so it was ok. Having a support vehicle is immensely useful : you don’t have to carry too much water or food, you have a backup in case you have a problem… And you don’t ride every three or four days. If I do another trip like this and can find a few partners, I’ll do it this way.


The stop at Newton is a Warm Showers host, and the bike shop in town. Nice combination for cyclists on the TransAmerica 🙂 They even have a bike wash to clean bikes thoroughly 🙂 A couple of girls were here today as well, going west. We will all leave with fresh bikes tomorrow 🙂





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