Strange name for a small city, but who am I to judge ? Another quite long ride with good conditions along the roads of Kansas.


I did a noticeable mistake in preparing the ride though : I was wrong by 10 miles ! Or 16 kilometers, which is quite a bit. I realized that when I switched to the new map. On the second panel was the 19 miles south, but then here was an unexpected 10 miles stretch to the city ! Damn 🙂 And it was already late and beginning to get really hot. Well not much choice in any case, it was a place with no possible stop.


Yes, for the first time in a week, the trail turned south ! And then back east which was more reassuring. At this moment I was passed by four trucks carrying wings for wind turbines. I’ve seen a few the previous days. It’s really gigantic up close 🙂 But why four wings when they have only three ?


Apart from that, not much to say, I left some time before the Chinese team and thought they would catch up, especially when some slopes appeared, but I didn’t see them on the road. And if today was hot, tomorrow will be even hotter, so I’ll be leaving very early.


Oh yeah, I saw that in a field right after Ness city 🙂 Reminds me of a comic where a driver is losing control of his vehicle :
– Jesus take the wheel !
(Jesus pops up in the car)
– I don’t know how to drive !
– Aaaaaaaaaaaah !! (Both)


Another map down – a short one, as are most for the TransAmerica.


2 thoughts on “Larned

  1. Fabrice,
    RAGBRAI, a great “week in the corn” for bike riding, runs 20 – 26 July in Iowa. You ride from W to E, mighty river to mighty river, the E & W borders of IA, with thousands of friendly people. Check it online. You probably do not have time, but if you do, it would be the exact opposite of your rugged and lonely present Spiritual Journey.
    Turn now! Ride up to the NW corner of IA by the start date! Ride as a Pirate. No need to register or pay extra. I have done it, loved it!


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