Ness city



Oy ! 80 miles / 130 kms today, new record ! That’s what happens when the wind is down 🙂 I did one and a half day in a day and compensated for the mini ride yesterday.


I’m probably talking too much about the wind for anyone who hasn’t experienced that situation, but case in point : today it was very slow, and very slightly behind me. Result : more than 15mi/25kms/h on average. That was my top speed the previous days. That means 80mi/130kms in 5 hours, instead of 60mi/100kms in 6 hours. And mostly, 5 great, glorious hours riding through the plains of Kansas, instead of 6 grueling, depressing hours swimming through the mud (and hurting my butt).


Seeing that I was going really fast (third fastest day of the trip), I zapped through Scott city, where I thought maybe I would stop. I also zapped through Dighton, and went straight for the next town, Ness city. Riding here in Kansas, on a not-so-flat-but-close-to-flat plain, feels a lot like sailing. The wind dictates all. You sail from one island to the next, and see them far away on the distance. It reminds me a lot of Zelda Windwaker, my favorite game of the series. With such good conditions it is really a pleasure.


On the way I encountered Trevor, a guy from Maryland, going to Utah to learn how to build a house 🙂 He reached western Kansas in less than a month ! Asked about the dogs in Kentucky, it said it was overblown : he had only been chased about thirty times !



There were also a lot of heavy agriculture machinery head in west in groups, taking up most of the road. As always, great drivers : always a salute, a nod, a thumbs up. And I also caught sight of closed range cattles : the exact opposite of Colorado, they are all packed on the smallest possible space. Fast food is certainly in their future, on the wrong end of flipping burgers.


And I caught up with the Chinese Olympic team ! They were leaving Leoti for Scott city when I arrived there yesterday, and I was sure they would be around here today : the next possible stop is 50mi/80kms away 🙂 Not a lot of options around here as for stops / motels / restaurants.



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