Today the priority was finding a place to watch the World Cup 🙂 So I went to the next city, very close, and very early, to find a television.


Yesterday evening, a large family joined the city park for a volleyball game and a pizza ! I don’t remember all of the names, it was Sandy and her sons and relatives 🙂 They were coming from California, Oklahoma, and other states, down to the smallish city of Tribune to see parents and grand parents.


With the World Cup in mind, I didn’t have a lot of options. I couldn’t stay in Tribune so I had to move on. Scott city was way too far, especially as the wind had not abatted during the night. Still very strong from the south. No chance to do the ride in less than 5 hours. So I went for Leoti, halfway to Scott city.


Not much of a ride then, 21mi/35kms. I woke up at sunrise, packed up and got on the roads of Kansas again. This place is really special. You leave a city, or any small place, with a huge silo. And in the distance, like a mirage, you see another tower : the next silo. Maybe 10, 15 kms away (7 to 10 miles). Then, without any wind, you get there in half an hour. With the wind, in one hour… You reached the silo, and you see the next one :p


Saw another live turtle on the way ! Another one like this, and I’ll be back on balance 4-4 live-dead. Strange to see a completely new wildlife right after passing the state line. And another change : today I passed another time zone line. End of moutain time, start of central time. Why they wouldn’t link that with a state line less than 30mi/50kms away. I have no idea. Last time zone, middle of Kentucky ! I’m very slowly going closer to France, which is part of the idea.

20140704-202731-73651550.jpgForgot to post this one yesterday !

In the end I did get to a tv and saw the game. A loss, all right, but mostly a boring match – my heart rate never went up, a shocker at this level. The German defense line inefficiency was only beaten by the French strikers inability. The next quarter final was a bit more lively fortunately. Will I organize to see the other two matches tomorrow ? Depends on the wind ! If it turns like I hope, I’ll compensate this small stretch and Belgium will have to make do without my support 🙂


One thought on “Leoti

  1. Joe Mariscal

    France unfortunately sleep-walked through most of the match….low energy at a vital time. Germany certainly deserved the victory. 2 more good matches tomorrow. My predictions: Netherlands, Argentina. Final should be Argentina v Brasil.


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