Another tough day, with a lot of wind. I entered Kansas and joined the first city there, Tribune, another long stretch of more or less flat road.


At this stage I’ve understood that there is no downhill to speak of. The road is almost flat, goes up a bit, goes down a bit. It’s supposed to go down in the long run, but so slowly you don’t notice it. Anyway, it would be great without the wind. Today it was coming from the south, so a sidewind, but over a full day it’s still very tiring. I did almost the same speed, over the same distance. Another big lot of hours on the bike.



This is the part of the middle west where the map warns that there is almost nothing for 60mi/100kms, the only place like this on the way except for Utah. But actually there is a gas station midway at Sheridan Lake, a nice stop on an exhausting day. There I came across a group of cyclists going west, biking for MS (multiple sclerosis). More than 20 people going across the US with a couple of vans. Mostly Americans, at least a couple of British. They were half a dozen at the gas station. Another half dozen had gone faster to reach Pueblo for the Fourth of July. I came across the rest of them along the way. Nice not to have to carry your stuff around 🙂


While the first bit yesterday was the hardest, it was the last bit today. The wind was picking up speed continually, and I had to stop more and more often. I finally reached the state line, another 20mi/30kms to go, and I was in Tribune. Another small town, not as deserted as the other ones maybe. However, the only motel was full, and all other lodging options as well :p My morale dropped. Yesterday, I got a lot of comfort laying in the bathtub for half an hour, watching a stupid movie on the tv (jaws 4), and resting in a bed. As the Simpsons aptly summarize Christianity, when you enjoy something and you know it, that’s a sin ! No such thing tonight ! That’s a camping night, in the state park, haven’t done that before.


After signing in at the sheriff’s office, I came across another group of cyclists ! Four Chinese students, three girls and a guy, in the US to finish their studies, each in a different field. They’re also going east, taking turns with one driving a car with all the stuff. Another great way to travel ! They’re also raising awareness for a charity, to get meals for children in China. And here I am doing this trip for my own enlightenment :p It was great to meet them, got my mind off its negative state.



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