Starting again after a day of rest is always a bit difficult, it’s tempting to just stay put, but this time I was willing to get back on the road.


First because the next bit was going to be much easier of course. The road is a slow downhill for hundreds of miles ! That’s a great motivator 🙂 Plus the temperature had gone down a lot : from 100F/40C yesterday to below 70F/20C, great for riding. The sky was grey and cloudy, but it was supposed to clear by noon.


Also, I am now on the TransAmerica ! 🙂 This is the oldest and most famous trail of the country. It was created and inaugurated about 40 years ago with 4,000 riders going west. I thought I would see more cyclists here than on the tough Western Express, and I did ! Eleven in one hour, half of them going long distance.


I was also relieved to leave downtown Pueblo. I decided to stay there thinking I would have everything around me, but it wasn’t the case at all. It was more like a big city downtown : nothing but hobos. Apart from a few scattered restaurants, the first convenience store was 3 miles away, and the first mall and movie theater 5 miles away. Apart from a few nice wall paintings, not much to do or see 😦 I’m going to miss small towns now maybe.


Going east to and through Kansas will be a long flat plain, nothing great for photos or adventure and really wild things, but I went by two prisons today ! A reminder that 1% of the US population is behind bars, compared to one thousandth in France. Apart from that, small towns indeed, like Ordway, with more than half of the shops closed. But at least I found a convenience store 🙂 I had run out of deodorant and didn’t want to smell like a dog for two months.


One thought on “Ordway

  1. Joe Mariscal

    I see silos on the horizon. I love your “hobo” sitings! I still use that antiquated term…much better than “homeless”. May you have tailwinds.


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