That’s the name of the city, not the French company 🙂 Reaching it has been a test of will, but this time I didn’t snap.


The road from Ordway is actually quite easy, very slow uphills and downhills that you don’t really feel… except for the strong headwind ! It’s been coming from the east, then south-east, the whole time.


The first quarter of the 60mi/100kms was grueling. Full headwind and I was going so slow, on the lower speeds of the bike, just barely fast enough that I wouldn’t get walking. I was happy to leave Ordway though, the whole city was smelling like shit. I didn’t dare to ask, but a sceptic tank was probably cracked somewhere. People didn’t seem to notice.


Still, I started to think about the Hite Experience again. Sure, it was a rolling plain and not a desertic canyon, and the temperature was low (I didn’t get to see the sun at all today). But I was afraid to get my thoughts rumbling into quitting and hitching a ride. So I just put my cyclo comp away. It was depressing to see the appalling speed, and I would have started doing calculations again. In any case I was due for 6 or 7 hours on the road.


After some time the road turned north-east, so the wind wasn’t in my face anymore, a great relief ! I was still in a infinite plain but with a few landmarks (a tree, a cow…), it’s not an empty desert and it feels like moving forward, albeit not very fast. Where was the damn downhill ? Nowhere to be seen.


I thought maybe I’d stop at Haswell, two thirds of the way, but it was another very small town with half of the houses closed down. I had a hearty smallish sandwich and a coke and I got going. Back full east, but the wind was a bit milder. I finally reached Eads after six hours on the bike, plus one of pause. My average speed clocks at 11mi/17kms/h, a real surprise considering it felt like moving through sand half of the time. Now I only got to find a replacement butt 🙂


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