Halfway there



Now that France and Germany qualified (with a lot of sweat) for the quarter finals, I can get back to my trip 🙂 I’m in Pueblo, Colorado, and that is halfway through my trip.


I’m at 3.600 kms, or 2,300 miles. That’s already a lot, and I have to cover the same distance to reach New York 🙂 But I think I have done the most difficult part : Utah, the Nevada desert, San Bernardino mountains, Colorado and the continental divide…

What lies ahead ? The next thousand kms / 600 miles, Kansas, should be easy : flat (more or less), little towns around, hopefully temperatures and wind should be okay. There are still difficulties to the east coast though : the Ozark moutains, loose dogs in Kentucky, the Appalachians at Vesuvius especially… Much less than what I’ve done already 🙂


Looking at the map, I’m not halfway through the continent. A direct line from San Francisco to New York is 2,600 miles, meaning halfway is in the middle of Kansas. I’ll be there in around ten days. I’m not there yet as I did a lot of twists and turns to see places : mostly Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon ! And also going down the pacific coast.

In terms of figures, I started 57 days ago. I’ll be at two months for the Fourth of July 🙂 I took 11 days of rest among these, including the unplanned one at Kingman. I’ve been 200 hours on the bike, and for riding days, I do a bit less than 50 miles / 80 kms on average, with a speed of 12mi/19kms/h.

Crossing the middle west will take some time, I suppose I’ll be close to the Appalachians in about a month 🙂


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