Pueblo !



I’m done with the Rockies this time ! And had a first taste of the plains of the middle west – not as flat and straight as could be expected.


Leaving Westcliffe was an average climb to the edge of the plateau. Still quite a bit of cattle around, a few ranches, including many available to buy 🙂


After reaching the edge, it felt like being in the mountains again ! A long and steep downhill which was the real exit of the Rockies. This is where I started seeing the immense flat plains to the east.


I had been leaving early to get to Pueblo around noon. It was supposed to get very hot in the city. And I’m not used to high temperatures anymore 🙂 The plain itself, before Pueblo, was a long road with some ups and downs. I was starting to get tired, after three days of long and tough rides.


But the city appeared quickly enough, and I stopped at the first gas station for a drink 🙂 Almost everything was closed for Sunday, but it feels good to be in a big city again.


I’m halfway there now ! But I’ll talk about it tomorrow as it’ll be a day of rest.
Still, it’s another map down, and another flag up !



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