I wasn’t done with slopes in Colorado ! But this was a standard day’s ride, about 45mi/75kms, to reach the small city of Westcliffe.


I kept on going further from the Rockies, now in the distance. They are even more impressive from this side, on the east. I didn’t realize how high the summits around here are. Grays peak, a bit north of here, goes higher than 14,000 feet / 4.300 m ! Not the Mont Blanc yet, but very impressive 😉 Monarch pass is really pretty low along the line.


Leaving Salida, the road goes along the Arkansas river. Its source is only 100kms/60mi north of Salida. Then it goes through Kansas, Oklahoma, and, of course, Arkansas, to then join with the Mississippi. I should see this river again 🙂 As usual now, the valley going down is an impressive kind of canyon, going wider or narrower along the way.


The road then turns south to climb a plateau – this is were I got up a noticeable slope again, but a mere joke compared to the previous day of course. Another ridge of moutains was keeping to the west, down to large fields, with the occasional cattle. I came across another German cyclist there, Ferdinand, coming all the way from Boston !


Up and up I continued to go, until I saw the city on the horizon finally. It’s always better when I have the objective in sight, I’m much more relaxed.
Tomorrow, back to a big city ! Biggest one since Vegas !


Oh and yesterday I exploded my speed record : 38mi/60km/h. This was involuntary, as going beyond 25mi/40km/h is unsafe with the trailer. Still, new record 🙂


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