A great ride today ! More than 60mi/100kms, the longest stretch since… Kanab. But more than half was downhill, and another quarter was flat, so all in all it was very fast (less than 5 hours).


Even if I still didn’t sleep very well, I enjoyed going down, and even going up. The slopes in Colorado are much more gentle than in Utah. I could have done everything on the bike. The roads are also in a decent shape around here… except the bike lane to Telluride. I avoided it this morning, and everything was better.


Leaving Telluride is a long downhill following the river, in another great canyon covered by pine trees. It felt a bit strange seeing these trees cling onto the red barren slopes. Not a lot of any other vegetation around them.



After Placerville, the downhill turns into an uphill until the Dallas divide. Here it really felt like riding in the middle of the Alps : the snow covered summits were all lining up in the south. I encountered a couple of cyclists doing a 5-day tour of the region, with a van support. Luxurious way to visit 🙂


And then another downhill until Ridgway and the valley opening to Montrose. The landscape changes again to a more arid environment. On the downhill I also confirmed that I can now recognize the smell of carcasses – like half deers – long before seeing them 😦


Montrose is the first relatively large city since Cedar city, 10k+ people. Still, as always it is excessively spread out. The main street is at least 4 or 5 miles long / 7 or 8 kms, and “downtown” is where the little shops are the closer together. Still no tall buildings, no one walking around, and I haven’t found a historic district. But there is a movie theater 🙂 and I went to see… Edge of tomorrow again 🙂 I enjoyed it even more than the second time, the scenario is great of course, but mostly everything is near perfect, scripting, directing, acting etc.


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