I made a stop at a ski resort ! “To hell you ride” is the nickname of the place, when it was a very isolated mining camp. Now people come here willingly !


Initially I wanted to go a bit further, but the only options were with Warm Showers hosts in minuscule places, and they weren’t available. I could also have gone wild camping, but thunderstorms may happen later or during the night. So Telluride was the only viable option, even if it makes a very short ride all in all. That will also make a long ride tomorrow, but mostly downhill.


Coming here felt like riding in the alps ! Summits, a moutain pass, lots of forests, and then ski slopes. Plus lots more traffic than previously, and infinitely more than in Utah ! Going through the lizard head pass was quick enough, surprisingly. There was another uphill before going down to Telluride, and then a badly damaged bike lane. I’ll probably stay on the road to leave.


I think I see what was meant when I was told I would prefer Colorado over Utah. Except this kind of landscape is very familiar to me 🙂 Still, the views here are spectacular, even if the whole day was overcast.


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