Rico is a small town on the way up to Lizard’s pass, the first pass of 4 or 5 on the way to Pueblo. I decided to stay here rather than go up the way to the pass.


I fooled around with the idea of moving on, as I finally had a real night of sleep, thanks to sleeping pills. But that would have meant a 60 mi/100kms ride with a big climb, and I didn’t feel like that yet. Arriving at Rico, I just had a very nice 40mi/60kms ride uphill, a slow uphill along the Dolores river. I did all of it on the bike, with just a few 4-5% grades here and there. An enjoyable ride and there’s been few of them in the last week. So I cashed in my daily ride and stopped here.


I also stumbled over Carrie and DJ, the couple that was over at Mollie yesterday. I could have gone on with them. But I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.


The road up to Rico is very nice, entering moutains, pine forest, all along the river. There’s houses and ranches all along the way, for people who like to live in a relative isolation, in a lush environment 🙂 Rico itself is surrounded by no less than 8 summits towering at or above 12000feet/3600m ! I saw quite of snow up there. And that’s about the height of Monarch pass coming up in a week.


Three days ago I was still in canyon / semi desertic scenery, yesterday I was over rolling hills, and today was a mountain and evergreen forest 🙂

“Say my name”


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