Another almost sleepless night 😦 But I went to Dolores as planned, a rather short trip that gets me over another map.


This is western express 3, a lengthy one, 450mi/720kms, now done ! Almost all Utah, and almost all the Utah I’ve done. The next one is a bit shorter, and will push me to the middle of my trip.


Coming from Dove creek was not difficult, except I was in an even more dense fog than the days before. I kept seeing prairie dogs fleeing the road to their nests. The ranges of mountains in the background finally joined up from east to west, but I turned east, and these are not the mountains I’m looking for ! I’ll have more than enough climbs in the days to come.

20140621-180749-65269980.jpgMichael C Hall aka Dexter would make one fine coroner !

In Dolores I greased my bike chain, which was acting weirder and weirder, but it didn’t help. So I had a complete check done – I was planning to do this in Pueblo. The mechanic trued many spokes that were coming loose, threw away the plastic disc behind the rear gears (that was causing the chain behavior apparently), fixed the front fender that got bent after one too many fall down… And the bike is not even two months out of the factory :p I wonder it will make the whole trip.


Tonight I’m staying with another WarmShowers host, Molie Wolf, a real name from a Tarantino movie 😉 One of her cats had just left a half squirrel in the bathroom. This is not a picture of said cat, but anyway all cats are guilty right ? A couple of cyclists just joined, going the same way. If I’m able to sleep, I might try to push further than planned, riding with others is always easier.


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