Dove creek



I’m in Colorado ! Fifth state, and finally the end of Utah (16 days there, 17 in California). As I expected when planning the trip, Utah might well end up as the most beautiful AND the most difficult of the whole journey.


Actually a biker met before Torrey told me I should enjoy Colorado even more. Bring it on ! The bar is set very high ! The Grand Staircase was a moment of awesomeness, feeling like a god designing… a staircase. Well Jesus was the son of a carpenter so why not ? Zion park was also mightily impressive, just like the Boulder maze, and Capitol reef, and also Cedar breaks. I think the western express route misses on Bryce park though, but the Red Canyon was very nice. I can’t say I enjoyed the Lake Powell canyons, but they were also grand. Plus the Natural Bridges, and the wall at the end of the world ! On the other hand, Kanab, Hite (before and after), even the leg to Cedar city, were excruciating. And the loneliness of Hite, well, I don’t want to live that again 🙂


So, I left Blanding, did most of the rise right after it, going to the east of the Ajabo moutains. I was still seeing, far in the distance, the Bear’s ears that were by the Bridges national monument. Then I turned right, to the east, leaving all of this behind, and crossed the line to Colorado. A few moutain ranges were in the distance, separated by infinite distances. This place is really vast. I’ve done more than 3000kms now (1900mis), enough to cross France north to south three times.


All in all it was a relatively easy ride (with not much to see), but I was very anxious (and still tired). It was the first 50mi/80kms day since the fail after Hite, and of course I was wondering if I could do it. I’m still coughing, even as I just finished the prescribed medication. That proves it’s almost all a psychological stress. I’m not sure I will shake it away before reaching the east coast 🙂


Arriving at a new state feels good, I’m moving forward. And finally, Dove creek, where I waited for the motel girl to leisurely arrive very late, so that I missed the the first half hour of the World Cup match. France won anyway, so it’s ok 🙂 I even have GoT reruns planned in a bit. Perhaps I’ll have a full night of sleep after that ?


Oh another troubling thought : when I arrived in Blanding, one of my water bottles got stolen. Who would steal a plastic bottle ? It was the one I bought in San Francisco, the first day there. We went through a lot. How long now to find another to replace it ?
By the way Joe, I don’t know if you read my answers to your comments, I’m now stocked with beef jerky and cheese (Swiss cheese of course 😉 )


One thought on “Dove creek

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Fabrice, I don’t know how to see other comments…tutorial? Vive Les Bleu! Who would steal a water bottle? the same guy who stole my pump! Low lives. At least it is easily and cheaply replaced. Enjoy Colorado…FYI my friend David is in Colorado now, visiting relatives. He drove! 🙂 Also following your blog.


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