Back to civilization ! Cars, people, coke, hbo, showers… I got out of the Lake Powell hole alive and mostly sane. I even got through the edge of the world.


After 11 hours of sleep, I was feeling definitely better. The wind had subsided during the night, and had not prevented me to start sleeping. I have started reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again. The main character gets lifted out of Earth right before it’s destroyed, and freaks out as he has no reference anymore to anything : that’s what happened to me yesterday.


I packed and left the campground and the national monument. The road today was half up, half down, and the weather forecast was for a very tolerable amount of wind (ie below 15mi/25kms/h, not the kind of thing from the last two days). Civilization was at the end of the road and I was hopeful.


The area is an unlimited ocean of Pygmy forest, just like by the Grand Canyon. To the west rose the last moutains I saw yesterday.


After a few miles I encountered Steven (lots of Steven on the road !), going from Missouri to San Francisco with his dog ! He even has a child-carrying trailer for the dog, but not for uphills, as it’s like 80lbs/40kgs to carry. We exchanged tips on the way ahead, complained about the wind, and detailed others cyclists coming up this way.


I also got to see some cows on the road. For days I’ve seen “open range” signs but no sign of cattle. But for sure I couldn’t attribute the huge piles of crap on the road to the squirrels ! Remember that more people get trampled to death by cows than eaten by sharks.


Then came the long downhill of the day, ending on the end of the world : Comb Ridge is a 100mi/160kms long wall going north-south, and towering up to 1000ft/300m coming west. About the height of the Eiffel Tower ! It had to be carved out at some point to have the road get through. It felt like leaving Utah, although I’m still one stop away.


After this bit I expected a specific Mesa. Which Mesa ? Maybe Black Mesa ? That was a joke. Haha. Fat chance. Actually it was Black Mesa 🙂 I did the whole uphill surrounding it just to amend for my sins of the day before. And then I was on the plateau going to Blanding.


So, reaching civilization again, what were my priorities ?

0 : at the first gas station before the city, gulping down a bottle of powerade.
1 : finding some free wifi to look over the possible motels. One of them was named “FBIsurveillancevan” 😉
2 : eating a burger ! I went to the a&w place that was recommended, but the burger was quite bad. Fries and shake were great !
3 : securing a room with hbo. Aaand of course today’s the only day of the week where they don’t replay GoT.
4 : buying drinks and chocolate bars.
5 : getting uptodate with Facebook and updating my blog.
6 : getting the first shower in 3 days ! And removing about a pound of red sand from my hair.
7 : checking for any movie theater – there is one !


Tomorrow’s definitely a rest day. First one in nine days – ten days actually !, since Cedar city, which is way too long. Also first laundry in the same time ! I washed my socks a few times though 😉


2 thoughts on “Blanding

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Have you read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”? Your adventure is reminiscent of it. Get some rest. Enjoy the World Cup! Joe


  2. Sylvain

    LJDPE641T5&K4WYKX#~TZ~}PQWYGS21 !!! (reçue seulement aujourd’hui, sans doute après un détour par aldébaran, mais collector…). Bonne douche !


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