Another short ride to go through and beyond Bryce Canyon. Today I encountered a lot of cyclists ! I actually fell in one of adventure cycling’s tours, Cycle Utah 🙂


The day started rather poorly. Another hard days’ night, not a lot of sleep, chilly morning. Plus my legs started to feel tired after 5 minutes out of Panguitch. And of course, you guessed it, full headwind. Then I remembered my bike saddle was still not at the usual height. I had a quick checkup done at Cedar city, and over the last two days I’ve been either walking or riding down so I forgot. I corrected that and it was immediately better : the usual muscles were now in line.


I reached Red Canyon at this point, an impressive little canyon, just a few miles long. There was a bike lane all the way, very nice, and at this point I fell upon people from the adventure cycling association, from which I ordered the maps I’m using. They were doing one of their tours, a short one, one week trough the Utah parks, Zion, Bryce, Cedar breaks, the Grand Staircase (where I go tomorrow). I passed by at least 40 cyclists, more than since the beginning ! 🙂



Another good point, the bike lane pushed me up to the top and it was downhill after that. Everything was much better. I went through Bryce Canyon, but as I suspected, this is not the main way through. A couple of nice views, and a glimpse of the rest, but you have to go much more south for the main course.


Finally I passed Tropic, where the Coyote souvenir shop was closed, and ended up in Cannonville just a few minutes later.


On the evening I realized I’ve made a mistake : there was strictly nothing in Cannonville, and I had to go back to Tropic to get a meal. Except that the sun was going down. I hurried up to cover the 5mi/8kms uphill, only to discover the only two restaurants were packed. Fortunately there was a burger truck that saved the day. I was even able to go back before sunset – and I was blessed to see a flight of a dozen rabbits fleeing my approach 🙂 I have to plan that better from now on, or rely on the small sandwiches from the grocery stores, because the towns are only getting smaller now ! The kind of contingency you never have in a large city.


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