I did a very very short ride today, just over two hours, to go all the way down to Panguitch (no not penguin !). That’s the last city with over 1000 people I’ll see over the coming week.


So, I didn’t freeze to death ! I even overslept, I crashed before sunset and was up way after sunrise. That also meant I was on the road quite late, but that was exactly my plan. Panguitch was close and didn’t want to reach it by mid-morning.


Before leaving Cedar Breaks I got a couple more views of the natural monument, and I even got to see some snow ! I knew nothing. Then came the long downhill, almost all the way to the city. It was a good idea not to do it yesterday, there was still some slopes, and it was a solid two hours before reaching it.


There were some nice spots on the way down, but all in all it was short 🙂 My pride was screaming at me, go further ! You can continue to Tropic ! It’s less than 30mi/50kms more ! Sure but that meant a day over 70mi/100kms, and I won’t do that again unless it’s flat + I have tailwind. Plus I want to enjoy Utah as much as possible. Tomorrow is Bryce Canyon and I’ll take my time there.


And mostly I wanted to see a doctor. I’ve been coughing irregularly for a few weeks now, and syrup didn’t help. So I went to the hospital here, got a prescription for a mere 150$, and now I have the antibiotics that should get rid of this. And as a bonus I was confirmed I lost at least 8lb/4kgs over a month 🙂


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