Point Supreme



This is the name of a campground in Cedar Breaks. It is over 10,000 feet, or 3.000m, in elevation. It’s a beautiful place in the forest, just beside the natural monument itself.


That’s the first stop I planned after Cedar city. I wasn’t sure I would stop here though, maybe I would continue to the next town, Panguitch, as it was all downhill after the top, but still, another 30mi/50kms. However, getting to the top was a challenge. Just over 20mi/34kms, but all a strong uphill.


I started from Cedar city one hour after sunrise, and actually stayed on the bike for a third of the way, on an already impressive moutain road, painted with pine forest all around. I stopped at the first steep slope and walked more or less the rest of the way.


Walking uphill is much less tiring, still, pushing 80 pounds / 40 kgs of stuff over more than 3 hours is an exercise.


Close to the end, the road provides a great view over Zion in the distance. It gets better as you keep going up. I took maybe twelve pictures, never knowing if it would keep getting better or if the view would go away. Just as in life, you know when something happens for the first time, but you’re never sure when it happens for the last time.


I got joined at this point but Steven and his son Jango, who had been riding up the whole way – very impressive ! They were coming down from Oregon, and if Steven would only continue to Colorado, his son was aiming at the east coast, on the TransAmerica just like me.


Going up, the road was passing below a sort of red circle formation. I supposed I would be above it later. It was much more than that ! Cedar Breaks is the name of a massive, three miles wide formation of orange/red rocks, mostly iron. What I saw on the road was just a tiny bit. I could even see Cedar city in the distance.


I reached the campground and took a long time to take a decision : should I stay or should I go ? I generally decide quickly, but I was really on the fence. Then I realized two things : I was really tired after going up 4k feet/1,5 kms, and I’ve never been on the road after 2pm (and mostly never after noon). It was quite cool at the top, but it was meant to be hot going back down.


So I stayed at the campground, and had a warm welcome from the camp hosts, Bill and Sharon, & Joyce, who fed me a great soup to feel better 🙂


Now I only hope I’ll make it through the night as it’ll be close to freezing point !


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