Cedar city



I reached a very important point in my journey today, as it’s the westernmost city I’ll go back to. After that, I’m only going to go east until I hit the other side of the continent. No more fumbling around canyons or strips ! Go east !


For this day I realized it could be a bad thing to over-prepare. I had checked the map, plotted the elevation map, considered possible stops, etc. And in the end, got myself really worried for not (too) much. Leaving Springdale, the first third was a long downhill to La Verkin (yeah, strange name). And then a long uphill all the way, for 40mis/65kms. As I was still tired from the Page-Kanab carnage, I thought I would pass out going up for so long.


So the first part was great, leaving the Zion park slowly, as it extends on both sides of Springdale. Barbara’s house, the landlord of Margo, has an exceptional view : yesterday’s last pic was taken from her doorstep ! Downhill almost all the way, although for each bump my legs were already complaining. Then down to La Verkin for a stop to eat and drink.


I was really, really nervous for the next few miles up to the interstate, my old nemesis I15. I was considering going back and staying in La Verkin for the night. But pride, my dark passenger, wouldn’t have it. What ? You’re going to stop after 20mi/30kms only ?! Plus the uphill will still be here tomorrow ! Useless to put it off !

So I kept on going, ready to walk at any difficulty. On the highway I quickly felt better : there was quite a few flat bits, and even some downhill. Sure I walked a few hills, but I didn’t end up walking the whole part. And as I kept going up, the temperature remained the same, even if I arrived around 2pm.

I didn’t take a lot of pics. After Zion, everything looks a bit bland to be honest. It was a nice background all around, just not as impressive.


I finished another map ! Did about half of it, but this one was really hard. Before I slingshot across Utah, I will rest for one or even two days. Will I go see xmen yet again ? Will I catch up on game of thrones ? Will I finally do a laundry ? On such a ride, these become critical questions 🙂


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