After a very long and tiring stretch, I absolutely wasn’t going to do it again. So I stopped after a short 40mi/64kms leg to Springdale, a very small city after the Zion park.


Doing only half of the distance changes everything 🙂 It was over much faster, I was motivated to go up the slopes, plus I didn’t have to get up too early. I also treated myself to a good meal yesterday evening. So I was very relaxed for this trip.


It started immediately with going up for quite long, but that was ok. I reached the summit, and then I saw Zion in the distance ! Incredible sight ! Just like a Titan skeleton, fallen on the battlefield of Ragnarok. It was far in the distance, but there was not a single doubt I was going there. All around was a green forest with a few hills, and this impossible sight of white peaks in the middle.


This park is really impressive, in the same league as the Grand Canyon itself ! The road going through is already great, then you realize you just saw only a tiny part of the whole park, which is crisscrossed with hiking trails.


I took all my time to get through, and it was all downhill, so no effort required ! A little waiting for someone to hitchhike me and my stuff through the tunnel forbidden to bikes, and then another long way down. The temperature was picking up fast as I was reaching the bottom. But I was almost there.


Springdale is nested right at the end of the park, between two mountain ridges. It actually forbids any fast food chain to settle in the town. So everything is small local restaurants, and that is a welcome – and also troubling – change.


After a month of biking, I finally tested the warm showers relays ! People hosting cyclists for a night and a shower. I’m staying at Margo’s place, along with Liz, another cyclist. I’m probably going to go along with this option a bit more along the way 🙂



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