Wow, today’s been a trial. Not a trial by combat, but close enough. I reached Kanab “the little Hollywood” as many westerns are shot around here. But it took me a looong time.


That was another trip with no possible stop – even less than Cameron to Page, where Gap was conveniently located. Same distance, not especially more difficult, but a very long slope up for two thirds of the way. Actually I was ok for most of the slope up part. Then I remembered I had slept very little (and I left at sunrise again). I had no energy left, and the last 25mi/40kms were a test of willpower. I stopped and walked a lot, I finished drinking all I had, and even going downhill was tiring, with of course a bitchy wind that was on top of everything else. Even on the last downhill to enter the city it was trying to stop me.


I’ve been in such a situation often already. Such rides are like a tunnel, once they’re started it’s either go on or turn back. In the end it was more than 7 hours riding or pushing the bike, and at least another hour stopping here and there. I crashed at the first 7-11 to get something to drink. And I’ll certainly not stay up very late (plus of course this is the only day when HBO reruns GoT in the middle of the night).


But I entered Utah ! Fourth state now. Already quite a bit of beautiful views, even if I didn’t take any picture for the last bit – I was counting kilometers. And I also did about a third of the journey, 1400mi/2200kms, in one month.


Kanab seems to be a nice little city. Being surrounded by these red hills is great of course. Plus, they have trees ! That was dearly missing from Cameron and Page. And, in true American city planning fashion, everything can be found beside anything.





2 thoughts on “Kanab

  1. John

    You need to eat every hour after your first hour of riding. You shouldn’t be having the difficulties you’re having with the length of ride you’re making. Your undernourished. Best of luck and thanks for the blog posts.


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