I decided to go to Page instead of the proposed route on a whim – being sure I would sleep in a bed, and have a day of rest within civilization. It turned out that was a very lucky guess.


Around Page are (at least) two famous landmarks, that I visited today, as any other tourist around here does (lots of French by the way). There is the Horseshoe Bend, a curve in the Colorado river, in the form of a horseshoe, of course. It’s a location that appears very often when searching for the Wild West. It is very close to the city, less than ten kilometers south. An impressive sight indeed, even if I didn’t dare getting too close to the edge.


The other one, of which I knew only one view, is the Antelope Canyon. It’s a quarter-mile long crevice in the sandstone, with fantastically chaotic walls and wells of light along the way. It is being created by the flash floods which occur in the summer, and, year after year, carve the landscape. At some point the surface is more than 50m/150 feet above.


I joined an organized tour for this visit. To go there is a ten minute drive on the road followed by 20 minutes drive on the sand of the “river” bed. A very bumpy ride, where you can jump half a foot in the air, and when you land on the wooden bench, you understand that being a man has some disadvantages. It also was the first time in a month where I was inside a vehicle ! We were going so fast on the road, 50 or 60 miles / 80 or 100 kms an hour – I had forgotten you could move so fast 🙂


So, a two-hours ride around the city, another two hours for the canyon, and so I managed not going to the movies again. There is only one theater in Page, with only one screen, showing X-men, that I already saw in Vegas. Well even if the movie was confusing, I saw it again yesterday :p I toyed with the idea of going there again today (for that one fantastic scene), but no.


That meant still plenty of time sitting by the pool to read and think about that dream. Losing a relationship is the hardest I’ve ever lived. And afterwards life doesn’t have the same flavor, even after more than a year. I don’t have a lot of experience in this area, and it took me a long time to live one – maybe that’s why it hurt so much. But I’m old enough to know that the meaning of life is to give life a meaning, and that love is the answer. That’s the condensed summary of a few years of research on the subject ! Living without love is like reading a recipe but never tasting the meal. And remembering the meal after you left the restaurant is a cruel situation. Time passes and you tend to forget, or at least move away from the pain, but I’m not sure you ever get a clean slate again. Maybe I’m not optimistic enough. Or maybe I’m still too idealistic and feel you can never relive such a situation.



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  1. V

    Thanks so much fort your postdard from LV by the way..;-) .Life is indeed full of changes and beauty…and you appreciate it a lot more when you know how much it is worth..


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