Grand Canyon Village



Back on the road ! And with good sensations today – the rest proved useful. I went north to reach the Grand Canyon, a nice ride of almost 60mi/100kms.


I was quaking when I got ready to depart : would I be able to ride again ? Would I be rested enough ? Will I tire before the end ? Will I go slow, or fast enough ? After leaving Williams and turning north, everything went great. There was a bit of tailwind, sunshine and not too much heat. The first half was more or less a slow downhill, and the second half, more or less a slow uphill. But in the end I went pretty fast, and did the ride in less than 4 hours.


It was almost a continuous straight line north, with some bumps, first inside the Kaibab forest, then on a large plateau going up to the horizon, with scarce vegetation again. The only marker was the Red Butte, like an impossibly far and lonely mountain, coming up, and up, until I passed it. Then forest resumed and I entered the Grand Canyon park. I bought a yearly pass to all the National Parks for simplicity. I reached the campground I wanted and set up tent. The Village itself is a very well organized resort, with free shuttle buses, many trails, and lots of informations.

20140601-150917-54557634.jpgA machine gun ammo box used to store food in the campground

Based on the recommendations of a physician (or a physicist ?), I replaced coke with some “sports drink crap” that I was mocking on the “culture shock” page. It might be the source of my increasing fatigue. I also did real stops along the way. At day’s end I felt good. We’ll see tomorrow.


What ? The Grand Canyon you say ? It cannot be described : the views just take your breath away. So here are some pictures 🙂








One thought on “Grand Canyon Village

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Good photos, Fabrice. Your photography does the canyon justice. We love the Grand Canyon. It is surprising to drive up to the edge from a basically flat and forested approach…and there it is! Wow.


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