Memorial Day



Well for the first time since I started three weeks ago I stayed in the same place. There are two bike shops here that could help, but this Monday was Memorial Day and they were both closed. So I was left with waiting until tomorrow.

I realized that while waiting at the first bike shop early this morning. This federal holiday was today and not yesterday. So I went back to the motel – a mere 10mi/16kms trip for another super-extended city. Kingman hosts less than 40k people all in all, but on a territory larger than Paris (the actual Paris without the metropolitan area of course). Must be a nightmare for all utilities (water, power, sewers…).

20140526-230634-83194290.jpgI’m in the middle of the city here

As Kingman styles itself the heart of Route 66, and I’ve been using for a few days and a few left ahead, let this note talk about it 🙂


I realized before departing that everyone knows this road, but few know why. It’s more a myth than history : the conquest of the west, the adventure, the American spirit…

It’s one of the first established highways in the US, in 1926, and could be considered the first road to cross the country (the railroad had done that much earlier, 60 years before). Almost, as it connected Chicago to Los Angeles, so not quite exactly the east coast. It has been used a lot during the Great Depression for people to move west. However, it has mostly disappeared now, covered by more recent highways.

20140526-230812-83292735.jpgLots of bike gangs on the road

I’m going to use it again until Williams, where I will turn north for the Grand Canyon, and then cross it again somewhere in Missouri.

Next episode tomorrow morning – I doubt everything will be fixed so that I can depart before another day though. As long as I have books to read I should be ok 🙂



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