Las Vegas : the Strip



Today I only moved a couple miles east, mostly to avoid staying in the same place twice, and also to get closer to the Strip, the 3mi/5kms of boulevard that IS Vegas. All the casinos are here (but one, I think).

Having little to do in the morning I’ve waited about noon to have lunch and then move. I wanted to try the In’n’Out burger that was totally packed yesterday evening. They offer only three burgers : plain, cheese and double. It was still packed for lunch. The fries were great but the burger quite basic. Anyway, I want to try all brands while I’m here 🙂


I went for a walk along the Strip and back in the afternoon, and again at night, to see the lights and play a bit of blackjack.


This place is totally surreal. It is probably capitalistic chaos at its best. “As long as it sells” is the only motto here : everything is entertainment. Of course there are the casinos & hotels, each of which has its own block and theme : medieval, Paris, Venice, egyptian, treasure island… With the theme comes the shape & color of the building, where the only constraint is to get you to the gambling level. They each have their own shopping center of course, with luxury shops mostly (no convenience store), plus movie theaters, restaurants, fast foods, tourists shops… And it continues in the streets themselves, with people in disguise, and others handing out call girls cards every 10m. “Girls direct to your room!” You can’t be more specific than that.


And all of it is a joyous mess, without any logic : a huge building is followed by a string of one-level mini shops, then another huge hotel. The sidewalk can be extremely large, and then completely disappear. You cross the streets with the usual crossings, or you must enter a building, take the escalators and use a bridge over the traffic.


After a couple hours, and at night, this surreal feeling melts away : it is all a big show aimed at attracting money by any means. Overall after one day here I ache to go back to a more natural environment 🙂


What about the blackjack ? Well my 60 bucks disappeared presto 🙂 I didn’t get rich tonight 🙂



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