Today I feel like I left California – it only took 120kms/75mi and 6 hours. Except I’m really still in California, but I switched to the desert and the landscape is totally different.

This has been a difficult ride, longer than I thought. I had planned about 100kms only – but the map is not the territory. I also took a detour along the way to go through a nicer area.

It has mostly been difficult after the initial, never ending city that goes from Riverside, Colton, San Bernardino, and, after a stretch of industrial plants, to a small town named Devore. That was the entry to the pass between the San Gabriel / San Bernardino mountains. These range up to 11,500 feet/3.500m and were dauting to see in the morning. I also did a first bit of Route 66 !



Going through the pass, and on the I15 for a mile (which was authorized for bikes, that was another question mark), was simple enough. I thought I was done with it. But the road afterwards, going east from the I15, was the first step into the desert. The views were amazing ! And for a time I was again into the typical illusion that the road was flat or even downhill – but it felt really hard. When I turned back after some time, I realized how steep it was going up ! I walked a large part of the way. Lots of motorbikes around, I even saw a squadron of policemen going the other way.


I reached the top, started the descent and tumbled into a small store just as I ran out of water – I did not plan ahead very well this time. This is where I went into a detour that seemed much nicer – and I think it was. The area was still very wild and desertic until I reached Hesperia. Lots of great pics – 50 today against 7 yesterday 🙂


The southern part of the city is not very dense, and there isn’t many lawns around – mostly sand, gravel or cement. I stopped into the first Wendy’s, at 3pm, to finally grab a bite. I had survived with Snickers in the morning – they have another name on the trail, and that name is Heaven.


After that point, it started to look more like a typical city, except in the desert ! Only ten more miles and I could reward myself with an ice cream 🙂


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