Point Mugu



I wanted to stop at the Point Mugu campground, in reference to Mozinor’s video about mugus. These are the victims of scammers, like the distressed Nigerian princes who need help from a westerner to dispose of their riches. I was even contacted by such a scammer who posed as an investor when I was selling the apartment !

But this campground had no designated hiker/biker area, probably due to a recent fire, so I contined onwards to the next one,
Leo Carrillo, which offered a convenience store on top of showers !

Arriving here from Santa Barbara has been pretty tough. It was headwinds all the way, especially on the coast after Carpinteria. Treacherous stop-&-go wind that from one second to the next goes from a cool breeze to a magic force field. I had to walk on a flat road to keep going. In this area were stationed a lot of large, luxury RVs, the ones with extendable rooms.


As the sun was hitting very hard on top of the wind, I made a pause at the first fast food with a coke dispenser in Ventura. Very nice seaside district over there. I filled my bottles with fresh water, but it was useless as they were warm after half an hour.

And after that, the Oxnard plain, with never ending straights roads and headwind just like around Castroville. It’s part of the adventure, as the cashier from Wendy’s said philosophically. In any case I was glad to finally hit the coast again and get some cooler air from the sea 🙂 I passed the Los Angeles county line and reached the campground.



2 thoughts on “Point Mugu

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Hey Patrice! Get rid of the wind! I rode against it from San Jose to home last Wednesday (30 miles)…terrible. Avoid the mugu. Happy trails forever. Joe


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