Santa Barbara



I got to watch this tv series when I was a teenager 🙂 Strange vision of America, combined with Dallas and Dynastie :p


So, Santa Barbara ! There are two achievements arriving here : I finished the first map (and did this one entirely), and I completed 10% of the distance ! I have a total of 668kms (the real neighbour of the Beast, as 667 would live on the other side of the street), or around 420 miles (a bit more than the map says as I went here and there). 10% in ten days means 100% in a hundred days, if the calculator is correct. That’s a little over three months, and that means I’m going too fast !

I’ll get to slow down while in LA : there’s a heat wave coming up, and I won’t ride in 40C/100F, especially as the temperature will drop again by 10C/20F a couple days later. So I’ll have some time to lock up in a theater or something. Maybe I’ll get Nathalie Portman to invite me for a cup of tea ? I’m not a dancer, but hey I’m French !

For the ride from Lompoc, I had the exact opposite from the previous day : a big climb, and then more or less flat all the way. Well it was easier on Sunday ! I wasn’t tired upfront at the start with a long distance after the climb.

Plus I had some mechanical issues. The gear switch started acting up again, just as in Paris. It had been fine tuned before I left ! I was cursing the French manufacturer, the French shop, the French, and then I stopped to get a look. There had been branches stuck in the derailleur while I was walking up the Purisma hills, maybe it was off ? But the whole back wheel axis was getting loose ! It had been replaced by the Bob axis system, to support the trailer. And it was unscrewing fast ! Before long, the trailer would have gotten free and perhaps the wheel too. I tightened it by hand wondering what was happening. Was it the maid who left a blanket of some sort in the motel room when I was away, who got pissed there was a bike in the room and sabotaged it ? Was it not tight enough before I started ? Was it normal fatigue ? When I entered the town, swooping on the first shop to get a bottle of coke, the damn thing was getting loose again. On arrival I used tools to tighten it as much as possible- I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Tomorrow I’ll probably stop in a campground so I may not have any network.



4 thoughts on “Santa Barbara

  1. Wahiba

    Hey there, I’m afraid you’ve missed the slot with Nathalie Portman, she’s now in Paris 🙂 … You should have a look at the Santa Barbara Museum, I’m sure you’ll find the soap opera stars mummies, just near the dinosaurs 🙂
    Bravo Fabrice, enjoy it!!


  2. Sylvain

    Breaking bike… (il fallait bien que quelqu’un la sorte 😉

    Sinon, bien reçu aussi la carte postale, les enfants ont adoré vu que leur cocktail préféré pendant les vacances était le “San Francisco”… quel à-propos !

    Continue à pédaler, ça agrémente les pauses déjeuner au bureau (blog + google maps = un peu d’évasion par procuration).


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