Hey I was typing “Lompoc” with a French keyboard and the iphone offered to replace it with “l’impôt” (taxes), that would be a nice city name 🙂

Today’s ride was fantastic, I gobbled up 60 miles / 90 kms like it was nothing – one day of rest did help a lot. Plus, the conditions were perfect and it was mostly flat – except for the Purisma hills right before Lompoc. This climb was higher than the Big Sur, and even if it didn’t feel like it, I walked half of the way. Even with the climb, I have an average of 22kms/14 miles per hour, more than I ever did without a trailer. I could have gone longer, but I didn’t want to overstretch, and I would have been left in the middle of nowhere, and I’m not ready for that yet 🙂


I had been waiting impatiently on the road to see the Purisma hills coming up. I was thinking, maybe it’s these hills, or maybe these ones. I’m still not accustomed to see the horizon, and reach it in a couple of hours. It’s a feeling you don’t get in a car. Then you do reach the horizon, you turn back, and you realize how much a stretch you just did.


I also had a sort of test with these hills : I ran out of water. This was more or less done on purpose. The heat is coming up in Southern California, it’ll be almost 40C/100F in LA in the next few days, much hotter than in Vegas actually. Here it’s not so hot, but the sun was hitting pretty hard during the climb. And so I had my last gulps of water on the way up. It was ok with the shadows here and there, otherwise it’s certainly not an experience to live in the open. I had 1,5 liters for 90kms, just not enough then. I’ll need at least two or three for such a ride. Especially as I drank more than a liter of Pepsi when I reached the first Taco Bell 🙂

One more big climb tomorrow right after the city and I’ll be on the coast again, up to Santa Barbara and beyond.


3 thoughts on “Lompoc

  1. Valérie

    Hello Fabrice, la Manza Team te remercie pour la carte postale de SF reçue ce matin !!
    Go, go, go ! 😉
    Bises de nous tous, Valérie


  2. Gary Mc

    Hi Fabrice, what an inspiration your journey is. Keep up the great blog, you are not alone in your travels !!

    Oh and if I may, best use ‘fortunately’ rather than ‘hopefully’….

    Safe travels.



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