Rest at San Luis Obispo



I did a mini-ride today of 30 kms in order to get some rest. 30kms would be about the longest I would do a few months ago ! That was around one and a half hour riding instead of five the previous days. I actually had some reservations stopping here because of the French singer 🙂 but hey he’s not a tax expatriate like Pagny 🙂

Another bit about the city, like almost all other cities here on the coast, is that they were started as Spanish religious missions : they had no money or settlers to spare, so they sent missionaries to convert the locals. Just like a Civ game ! 🙂 Hence the “San” and “Santa” all over the place.

So, a mini ride, I mostly skipped lunch as Daryl cooked us a great breakfast (ball pepper and cheese omelette, mashed potatoes, wholesome bread toasts), and I had the day to rest.

Greg with Daryl and Jana

I crashed into a movie theater, and of course that meant popcorn covered with butter ! I also love the soda dispensers that let choose from like 30 sodas and then add from 7 flavors like lime or strawberry. That was my “almost” lunch 🙂 I also benefited from a swimming pool and that should help the legs greatly.

So, nothing much to say in terms of riding, but there’s a subject I wanted to address for some time : shedding skins. It’s a process all bikers go through apparently. You start off with way too much stuff and get lighter along the way. I did just that the first days.

I’ve been leaving untouched items like a soap bar, baby wipes or pens in some hotels, thrown away some elements, mostly cardboard covers or rolls, and then sent away two packages home, for these things I couldn’t really part with. That consisted of the flag I had prepared for the flag pole behind the trailer : it was way too heavy for the pole. Also my older phone, a bit of official papers, and half of my clothes ! In that process, I got lighter of at least 6 pounds / 3 kilos, sent in the mail alone ! Now I’m able to close the trailer bag more easily. But I still feel like carrying a dead horse behind me – and the German guy I met two days ago carried up to 3 gallons of water ! That’s almost 12 liters and so 12 kilos. I never got above 2 up to now.

So, parting with stuff like this, in the middle of a long trip alone in another country, is not that easy. Sure, I can always buy back anything I would miss, but it’s still a decision to do away with something that might, sometimes, be necessary. But on a ride like this, the difference is felt immediately in terms of weight and volume.

I’ve gone along the same kind of process before moving out of the apartment. That consisted in giving away the interesting bits, throwing away the crap, storing what I wanted or needed to keep, and selling the rest. I’m only missing the selling part here 🙂 I’ve seen my first yard sale when leaving Morro Bay today 🙂 During this selection, there was a much bigger psychological element of course : I didn’t bring anything really personal in the US.

So, will I find my true self when all the old shells have been parted with ? That remains to be seen 🙂



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