Morro Bay


I finally arrived back into civilization with phone service and even wifi ! 🙂

The camping night was great, chatting with the couple I mentioned, Sheryl and William, who even offered me to use their house further down the road while they were at the campsite. I finally raced through their town and had a first 100kms ride, even though I was starting to feel the distance.

In the morning the weather stayed very misty in the mountains. I left right before a neighbour at the camp,a young Englishman named Cameron, but didn’t get to see him later. I found again two other riders from the day before though, Greg and Daryl, who stayed at the next campsite. We rode together the rest of the day and it helped a lot climbing the slopes rather than walking them up – nothing that would be compared to the Big Sur at this stage though.


The mountains and cliffside finally gave way to a more rolling terrain, the sun washed away the mist, and we got tailwind all the way ! This is how a long distance can be covered 🙂


There were spots with sea elephants, the Hearst castle on top of a hill – the rich publishing magnate on whom Citizen Kane is based. You can only see the castle from far away and it does look like Xanadu. We ran into the San Diego guys at this point again (not FBI agents !).


After Cambria and a few hills, you get into the Morro Bay, with a great view on the Morro rock in the middle of the bay. This is when you realize the distance you are going to and coming from. It seems pretty short over the course of one hour, but in a day, and over a few days. it builds up quickly. I’m about mid way through to LA now !

Daryl offered to host me for the night and I was amazed by his garage filled with music instruments, bikes, surf boards and many other things 🙂



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