Santa Cruz



Second day riding, but first complete day of the adventure : after crashing for 9 hours of sleep, I was on the road, to finally go from here to there ! The objective was Santa Cruz. I don’t know why, but this name rings a bell.

The road keeps along the Pacific Ocean, and the views left me gobsmacked. I thought this part of the trail would be quite common, but it’s far from it. Lots of small or larger beaches, cliffs, fields or rough terrain, and always the rolling, clear blue ocean until the horizon.


After Half Moon Bay, there isn’t much in terms of city except for Davenport, but the population is less than 400, so it’s a small village. I stopped there for lunch. On the way I crossed a large number of bike riders, solo, duo, and up to three. I also encountered quite a lot of short but steep slopes, and I walked most of them. At this stage I’m going very cautiously.

I planned a solid 80kms until Santa Cruz, but I ended up doing a very strong 100kms ! That was because of chance encounters. Entering the city I met once then twice John, riding a nitro-powered electric bike, who sent me up to New Brighton State Beach, past Capitola, the city after Santa Cruz.


And on the way there I happened onto Joe, the guy from yesterday who dragged me uphill to Devil’s Slide ! He was lost and was also going to New Brighton. We ended the way together and met for a beer in the evening, also with his friend David. They were camping in the state park. As for me I preferred resting in a bed once again – I’ll add camping to the challenges just a bit later 😉


Who said road maintenance people didn’t have a sense of humor ? 😉



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