My life in a box



I’m trying to insert a gif today, see how it goes 🙂 I moved all of my stuff into the storage unit I rented a couple weeks ago. Took me the whole day, but everything went fine – now all of my stuff is stored for at least six months, and probably more.

It’s a strange sensation in the appartment now. It’s almost empty – I’m keeping the bare minimum to cook and dress for one last week, plus of course the material I’ll be flying with. But it doesn’t really feel empty, probably because all of the furniture is still there. But each and every closet is empty now, and when you open them, you feel like being in a demo apartment, to be visited before getting your version built somewhere else. On the other hand, all of the stuff was in boxes for one or two weeks already, so it also feels like I’ve been doing some cleaning (which I still have to do, by the way).

Filling a small truck, and then a storage unit with boxes like that, for a geek like me, is a lot like Tetris and some great fun 🙂 You have to take many parameters into account. Not piling up too much stuff (although the resellers say you have enough space to make pile of 7 or 8 boxes, but it sounds way too unsteady), keeping fragile wares on top, piling in order of weight in general, making piles of the same boxes so that they support each other, putting piles close to each other for the same reason… And prior to that, making boxes of a regular weight, labelling them…

After all this work, I’m content to have passed an important step towards my plan, even if only a practical one. Maybe it’s also the feeling that all of this stuff will be safe for the coming months, and that I can count on that. With that done, I have removed a few more post-its from my todo list. Tomorrow morning, I should finally get my hands on the final bike, and then buy the trailer, both of them to be tested extensively in the remaining days !


Coming back to the previous post, I did make all the calls I wanted to make. I phoned 70 guys with the exact same name as my father, throughout France. I got almost all of them on the phone (ten of them didn’t answer), or their wife, or their widow. But I had no luck in finding the guy I was looking for – I wasn’t too hopeful anyway. A vast majority of people were friendly, some just cold, and a few downright paranoid (“why do you call”, “what do you want”, “what is your name” ??? – these are ready for NSA surveillance). I had a few who were teachers, like my father, but not in the correct region. Strangely, many of these people are in La Réunion, an island off Africa, close to Mauritius. I suppose it’s a great spot for retirees.

So, no luck with the phone calls. I sent a letter to the academy rector, who manages all the teacher in the region, asking to waive confidentiality or at least point me somewhere. They should have records and an adress. Don’t know if that will bring anything. Last resort when I come back, is finding a detective, but I don’t see what he would that I haven’t done yet.


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