Map route


US_Route   Ok this is one pretty big image – 20k x 5k pixels ! It’s the precise route I’ll be following in the US, or as precise I could do, setting one small bit after another in google map. Then cutting all parts and putting them together in one big image. That should do nicely along with the street view video from the other day. Not sure how the image will download and open up though 🙂 It’s 14mo large ! Now that I have the course plotted, along with possible stops, motels, hosts, etc, that’s one big chunck of the preparation done.

I should also get my old bike back tomorrow. It took Decathlon a full couple of weeks to repair it, not really a record. So I’ll be back on the road very soon now. But I had a lot of things to do in these two weeks anyway, that would have had to be done in any case. Most of my stuff is now packed and ready to be stored. I’ll be coming along at 10 large boxes of clothes / kitchenware, 3 large ones of DVDs, 10 small ones of books, and almost 25 average ones of comics. Plus a few assorted boxes for papers, bills, stuff like that. I’m not keeping any furniture, still that’s a lot of stuff accumulated over the years. And I’ve thrown away, sold or given perhaps the equivalent of all that already over the last few weeks. I guess my next home will try to be more zen 🙂

Among these two weeks, the last two days have been intense 🙂 I signed my departure from Ubisoft yesterday. That’s the final, official step when leaving a job. I paid a visit to former colleagues, collected all papers and was off. With this step behind me, I thought it would be a good idea to officially announce my travel project on facebook, and so this post will be the first one to be published there 🙂

And today, after a visit to the bank to plan things ahead, I signed in the first step to selling my flat. I’ve found buyers a week ago, and now we started the administrative process of the sale itself. That’s one of the three big changes I wanted to complete before leaving, along with quitting my job and concluding the divorce. So all will be done before the end of the month, and that’s a great relief. I will be completely set on the journey itself from early may. I still have a few quirks to iron out, but that’s completely secondary to these three points. I’ll come back on these subjects during the trip, of course. That’s the “spiritual” part of the journey itself, among with other subjects.

What do I still have left to do in the two and a half weeks left ? Getting the final bike in a week max, buying a trailer and trying all of this on the road, including a few trips of a couple of days. Getting some bike maintenance lessons. I have to get plane tickets, an insurance, settling a few administrative details, and then moving all of my stuff. I had a lot of postits on the wall but now it’s mostly done ! And a good thing as time is running out ! Just as in life : you start with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of skill, and the goal is to fill your bag of skill before you run out of luck 🙂



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