Fate ?


Well I just had a bike accident, albeit a small one, but it could have been a lot worse.

What happened was, very simply, the handle broke off ! I was on the champs élysées at the time, a very busy place at all times, and especially early evening, when it decided it was a good time to play a prank on me.



The first strange part of the story is that I was getting ready for that to happen. The handle was getting a bit loose for the last hour, and I was mockingly wondering if I would have the time to brake when the handle would come off. The screw holding it in place was not loose though, and I had no tool to fix it anyway. In any case, I was getting ready exactly for that to happen. And no, I had no time to brake :p

I was really lucky. It happened when I was starting to move from a red light, on the right side of the road, on the lower, flat part of the street, with no moving traffic around me. Five minutes earlier, I was moving full speed down the champs elysées, on the very bumpy pavement, with cars all around. I could have gone under a car, a bus, or simply make a ten feet jump and land much harder, and get something broken or worse. The guy who helped get my stuff off the street told me a cousin of his got into a similar accident but got scarred for life.

For a split second, I even thought I would land on my feet. That’s what happened a month or so ago, when I got a bit reckless, lost control of the bike, and while it went down, I was able to land upright. Not this time though. The bike parts got me entangled, and I understood I was going down all the way. I landed on the left knee and got a small scratch. As my friend the ground always says : “when you fall down, I’ll be there.” 🙂

Another reason I’m calling this post “Fate”, is that I made a few offenses just before this accident. I was going leisurely around Paris, and went through a park, Montsouris, which is the most beautiful in the city, before realizing it was forbidden for bikes. Sometime later, I went through a street on the wrong way, in order to gain a few minutes. I ran into a couple of policemen on bikes, who only told me to get off the bike and let me go.

But the main reason is this : fifteen minutes before the accident, I was in a bike shop near Maillot, on the eastern side of Paris, ordering a new bike for the US journey. I finally managed to get a meeting with the man who was ready to give me one, in order to receive it next week. So, I guess my old bike felt his time was drawing short, and perhaps it decided to take me with him ? 🙂

Or maybe it was only because I got there very fast in time for the meeting, crossing most of Paris in thirty minutes, and that put too much of a strain on the handle, and the screw that was holding it was cut in half. Anyway, I’ll get this bike repaired and do a few more miles 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fate ?

  1. Irène

    Tu as eu beaucoup de chance. Dieu merci tu t’en es sorti indemne.
    Sois prudent, tu vas traverser un pays que tu ne connais pas.
    Évite les pavés si possible 😉


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