Rampup – week 3


So, I’ve started the physical rampup for a bit more than two weeks now. Time to check where I stand.

My rampup program is pretty simple : do an average of 10kms a day on week one, then 20, 30, etc, up to 90-100 on average, and then keep this plateau. This would include one day off a week, as well as starting to train with a new bike about early march, and with the camping equipment over april.

My main objective is not really the daily average, but a weekly average of 500kms a week on the bike, so that, apart from the time where I will be visiting, I can move forward fast enough. It’s also a round number and make calculations easier 🙂 With 6500+ kms to cover on my trip, it would then take 13 weeks of biking, or 4+ months to cross the US – without any time to visit. I may have to revisit the distance though, as I ordered the adventure association route maps last week. I’ll see that when they arrive.

So, about the rampup status. I started on the 24th of february, as planned, and during the “crazy week” with one critical meeting each day. I did an average of 15kms a day during the week, with simple trips around the nearby Vincennes garden. I also did the trip around Paris on sunday, which was 40kms. So in total I did 135kms in the first week, way more than the 70 I planned. I was really exhausted on sunday evening, and was starting to question my capacities to maintain even small distances for long.

Over the second week, I was not very consistent. I did my usual small trip to work on monday, then two days with 30 kms (one going straight through Paris, one with a leisurely trip along the Marne river), then two small days with a crappy weather. I had a first real day off on my birthday, and on sunday another 30kms, doing the second video test. So a total of 125kms, similar to the first week. But I was feeling ok after the 30kms days. That was somewhat reassuring.

Now, in the middle of the third week, things are moving up again. I did two strong days with 45kms, going to the park near Sceaux, south of Paris, and one going to the park of Noisiel, east of Paris. Today I did a smaller 20-25kms going to half a dozen shops in Paris, looking for various equipments and tshirt printers. My legs were really starting to feel the pain after the long rides, but I was ok on the next morning. Tomorrow I’ll go north of Paris, to a famous sports brand mall which, strangely, is very present anywhere in France but not in Paris. I still have quite a few things to find on my packing list. I’ve let that slide during the rampup, but I can’t wait too long.

Hopefully I’ll be able to continue going up in the coming weeks. Sometime next week, when I feel I can move past 50kms regularly, I’ll go public on my facebook page with my project :p


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