Paris tour – 2nd test


I did a second test video yesterday. This time I chose to go along the very touristic routes of Paris, that is, going through the city center. So I’ve been along Nation then Bastille, then passing by the town hall, the Louvre, and reaching Concorde, before my battery went out !

I thought it was filled up completely, but probably (hopefully) not. The battery is supposed to hold for 140 minutes, or 2 hours 20 minutes. I checked with gopro video cameras, and their battery, depending on the model, is 1,5 to 2,5 hours. Comparable, and not very long in any case. I guess these kind of cameras are not meant to record long journeys. So I’ll have to turn it on only if there is something to share.

Another point with this test was the video stability at high speed. I’ve been trying to hold my head very still while riding, which is not good for safety with traffic. Well in any case the result is a little bit better than the first test, but only barely. I also tried completely stopping to record interesting points, and that worked. Editing got a lot faster, and I uploaded the video the same day. But the learning here is that recording while riding a bike isn’t good, unless in cases where you go down a hill and CAN stand perfectly still (as with the tramway races in the first video).

So, thinking about my project to record my going through the US and editing that down to one hour, or one hour and a half. I’ll have to select only a few points, a few rides down, without acceleration or only short ones. I’ve done x4 accelerations, so, even with half of the hour being accelerated, that’s a end total of 2 hours accelerated and a half normal.

The positive point here is that my sd card can hold all of that easily 🙂 I was trying to find a way to upload gigas of video along the way, but if I restrict the recording, I can hold 4-5 hours on one card, and if I buy a couple more it should be enough for the whole ride. Still, I’ll try to upload through the iphone in order to have more leeway. So that means linking a micro sd card to an iphone, and getting that iphone to send that to the cloud. Pretty much advanced scifi stuff if I’m able to do that in the desert !


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