Surprise birthday !



On this table I have placed one hundred very varied items. The friends coming this afternoon will have a chance to win them all ! 🙂

I wanted to have a special party, as I will be leaving my flat in a few weeks now. I’ll be selling all of my furniture, giving away most clothes and dinnerware. So I thought it would be better to give what was valuable rather than sell it.

So I gathered all of these items here and, through a musical quizz, each person, for each song, can take anything he or she wants.

There are a few stupid things for fun, like paper towels or a tin can of food, but also pretty interesting stuff like a Wii console with many games, comics, alcohols, books, an air france business class toiletry kit (yes I once flew first class !), card decks, and even cat food !

As I gathered all of this stuff yesterday evening I was wondering how, in just few years, you can amass so many things. It really is a materialistic society. I’m sure this will be a subject I’ll come back to when on the road.

Aftermath !

Well the party was great and the quizz was great fun 🙂 lots of laughs and many people were actually experts at finding pretty tough songs !

There was a rampage on the prizes and this is what’s left afterwards 😉



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