Paris tour


I finally managed to edit, compress, annotate, convert and publish the tour of Paris I did last week. Took me some time, as I’m very inexperienced with videos 🙂 The original file was 14go for 2 hours, and the reduced one under 30 minutes but still more than 7go. Youtube was ok to upload it, but it was taking more than 15 hours, and any glitch in the connection meant starting over again.

Now, a final version is 1.5go, and 3-4 hours to upload, much more manageable.

The result is close to what I had in mind : accelerated tour (x4), with normal / slow speed when showing interesting points, with notes and maps along the way. There are many things to improve and I’ll do just that with a next version 🙂

Notes from the video :

This is a bike tour of Paris, along the “Maréchaux”, the large streets circling the city. You will see many difference facets of the city along this trip – the real city, not the one visited by tourists. You will see very different levels of wealths, different activities, many ongoing constructions, and not that much traffic, as I was riding on sunday.


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