So, at some point in late january 2014, I decided I would cross the US on a bike ! Why would I do that ?

I’ve wanted to cross the US for a very long time, at least ten years. Its a journey that is sure to be mind-blowing. Its a rare possibility to get through a continent, while staying in the same country, with one language, on such a long distance. All the while going through amazing landscapes and referenced locations, mostly in films, but books and of course history.

When I had this plan in mind, I thought I would do a road trip, perhaps in a car, or perhaps in a RV. There was some technical issues with renting or buying / selling back a car, but it seemed feasible. There were also timing issues. Such a trip, with enough time to visit cities and places, would have to last at least a month, rather one and a half. That’s a lot of vacations to pile up at one point at once. Plus, doing it as a couple doubles the complexity of fitting that in a schedule. In the end, it didnt happen.

And early 2014, the stars seemed to align – at least as far as this project was concerned. It seemed I would be leaving my job in a satisfying condition, and with no other job lined up yet, a lot of free time would become available. At the same time, I felt I should sell the appartment I bought and refurbished with my ex-wife. That would also mean one less string. Finally, the divorce procedure appeared to reach the end, after much administrative issues. So everything could be done by the time I wanted to depart.

Suddenly being able to line up more than 2, 3 or 4 months for such a trip, I thought it would be much more fascinating to do everything on a bike 😉


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